Animation to reading languages


Didactic objectives

  • Encouraging interest in reading in younger students.
  • Developing critical thinking and intellectual skills of kids
  • Understanding a understanding the differences between VR and AV.
  • Knowing the different libraries of 3D objects
  • Learning about different 2D and 3D image formats:.fbx, .obj, .dae, stl, etc.
  • Using Augmentaty to solve a problem.

Read a book and make an escape room

Students read a book they choose. Then they make a script to describe the book, characters and scene. They create a problem dealing with the script. The problem is modified as an escape room which consists of several smaller tasks/activities.

AR in language learning

Getting to know the pop and high culture of Spanish speaking world by making a digital “poster” using pictures, videos, written and spoken language

Let’s Explore English Vocabulary

The 3rd and 5th graders were learning new English words, refreshing the already known vocabulary through an application. They received VR goggles and a mobile phone with the particular application. The teacher gave and explained the instructions.

Didadctic objectives

  • Students are acquainted with virtual and augmented reality in general and its usage in everyday life.
  • Students are acquainted how virtual reality can be used in a classroom.
  • Students learn how to use AR technology.
  • Students follow the instructions.
  • Students learn how to read the new words.
  • Students learn how to pronounce the new words.
  • Students are acquainted with the pros and cons of virtual learning.