Topic 1- Travel through space to a new habitable planet

VR & AR proposal activities

Here you can download a PDF with examples of applications to explore the creation of the universe. Go back in time 13.8 billion years and discover how space, time and the visible universe came to be. You can also explore with the virtual reality glasses videos from space in 360º. You can even view stars, constellations, planets, and much more.


Focus on the sky and try to find a constellation and planets learning new technologies and apps

Didactic objectives

  • Introduce astronomic terms informally.
  • Knowing the basic principles of astronomy.
  • Use and distinguish different telescopes.
  • Identify different constellations and planets.
  • Use different astronomy applications to facilitate the observation of the sky.

Learning about constellations

Didactic objectives

  • Look for information about the different constellations.
  • Check information about the different planets and stars in the constellation.
  • Find any history of our constellation.
  • Create a model of our constellation.
  • Represent constellations with recycled materials.

CoSpaces Edu App - First group

CoSpaces Edu App - Download it here

CoSpaces Edu App - Second group

Classify galaxies and take a look to our solar system

Explore the universe

Didactic objectives

  • Students learn how to use AR technology.
  • Students get to know the Solar system.
  • Student learn about the Solar system and its exploring
  • Students develop empathy and patience.
  • Students develop visual orientation.

Drawing AR

Didactic objectives

  • Art: Drawing, illustrating
  • Science: Planets, solar system


Solar System -facts around phenomenom

Didactic objectives

  • Learning the dimensions and structure of the universe
  • Learning to model
  • To support students learning by using VR and AR-technologies
  • Practice coding

Activity scope

7th grade students reviewed their knowledge about Solar System and its phenomenoms. First they described on paper by drawing/writing what they remembered about Solar System and how they explain reasons of the lenght of day/month/year and why we have different seasons in Earth. Then they watched VR-video about Solar System and read texts about the task. Then they choose a task they would like to know more and descripe to other students by CoEduSpaces. They were given a basic lesson about coding in CoEduSpaces and after that they made their presentations and showed them to each other. Topics they chose were Planets in the Solar System, Gravity, Moon flights, Northern lights

Build how you imagine a new planet.

Didactic objectives

  • Students will use their imagination and try and create a new planet and imagine how life would look like on a new planet. They need to find out if live would even be possible on another planet.
  • The learn to think critically about what we need to survive and what condition should be there on a new planet.
  • They use VR glasses to get familiar with virtual reality.
  • Using Cospces programme, the students will learn get familiar with a new ICT tool.